When Virtual Worlds Collide

Seems like lately I only remember to post after taking a training class.  This time it was a series of two classes, both for vSphere.  One was a “What’s New” class that was mostly repeat of a previous vSphere 5.0 Anything and Everything class and the other was for automation and scripting via PowerCLI. One of the classes came with a voucher for a free VCP exam and I just barely squeezed that in before it expired and just barely squeezed a passing score (more on that later).

I think I’ve stated my suspicions before, but I’ll reiterate that PowerShell is the future for Windows systems administration.  I’m almost at the point where I’m mad when I’m not using PowerShell to do things, but it’s a very conflicting state to be in since I never actually use PowerShell for anything…. well, until today that is. I did a quick script to list all the VMs in our environment along with their VMware Tools versions since we have many that are running sans Tools or with an old version. Yeah, it was simple and not anything beyond a sample script, but it felt great to do because it’s practical.

As for my VCP certification…. phew that was an ordeal. Let me tell you, the testing facility was absolutely the worst I’ve ever seen.  I’m pretty sure the front desk receptionist was a stripper, but was also the main tech support for the testing systems.  I hope her night job is a more fruitful career than her day job – My test was scheduled for 7 AM but didn’t start until 8:30 due to what I believe is operator error on behalf of the receptionist.  Her troubleshooting methods for a broken desktop shortcut included using Windows Search (remember the sidebar in XP that shows the dog Fetch who will find your files? Yeah, that search) to search for the shortcut (not the target, the shortcut itself) and then clicking it a million times expecting it to load better somehow. Seriously, an hour and a half of this and similar techniques.  I walked out and sat in the lobby because it was too painful to watch after the first 30 minutes.  This killed my nerves and my mojo for when I was finally able to start and on top of that it’s a genuinely hard test!  Maybe I just don’t use enough of the available features to have a strong working knowledge, but I really don’t think VCP certification syncs with real-world challenges.

I don’t want to put the name of the company here and just blast out negativity towards them in case I had a unique and atypical experience (but mostly because I managed to pass my exam), but if you’re planning on taking a test in San Diego county and are wondering who to avoid or where to find questionable receptionists feel free to contact me