Having MDT automatically update WDS remotely

The MDT blog has a great primer on how to update WDS automatically every time you generate new boot media. But I ran into some difficulty because for me WDS lives on a different server

I’m not going to get super-technical, but here’s what I did to solve the problem:

  • I had to install the WDS role on my server hosting MDT. I didn’t configure anything or authorize the server – I just needed it to add the WDSUTIL command. I have a hunch that one could just find where that .exe lives and copy it to a client OS, but thankfully didn’t have to even test that
  • In the UserExit script, I added a /server:myservername flag to the WDSUTIL command. Here’s what it looks like (all one line):

sCmd = “WDSUTIL /Replace-Image /Image:””Lite Touch Windows PE (” & oEnv(“PLATFORM”) & “)”” /server:myserver.fqdn.com /ImageType:Boot /Architecture:” & oEnv(“PLATFORM”) & ” /ReplacementImage /ImageFile:””” & oEnv(“CONTENT”) & “SourcesBoot.wim”””