Work Life Balance

This isn’t specifically tech-related, and really more of a chance for me to brag…

My round-trip commute was topping out at about 3 hours which is pretty crazy and not personally sustainable.

I emailed my boss and asked if I could shift my hours around. He told me that once I got a month of work under my belt and proved my work ethic I could “work from China every day” if I wanted to.

Well, a single day later after pitching some project plans for important infrastructure plans and I was told I could pick my hours effective immediately. What a relief! My commute was cut in half, I’m even more motivated to get things done, my home life is way more comfortable, I get more sleep, and my fuel bill is down.




Fun New Guy

I’ve fallen a couple weeks behind in my blog posting. My new job has been a rollercoaster of emotions! But I’m starting to settle in and thus it’s time for me to get back to my routine of weekly blog posting.

My enterprise career was born and raised at Sony – I didn’t know what to expect at this new place. Plus it’s all about The Cloud and I’ve never known how much BS vs actual “not-a-buzzword” technology The Cloud really is.

Culture-wise I was wary at first because there wasn’t much up on the walls in people’s offices/cubes, and my geek radar didn’t immediately pick up fellow Comic-Con attendees. Slowly but surely I’m finding familiar cultural artifacts that make me feel at home:

  • The guy in the cube next to me happened to have purchased the same model mechanical keyboard as me. 
  • There’s more than one StarCraft fan (though they don’t hold a candle to the fire that was a certain Sony coworker’s ladder ranking)
  • I once again have a coworker with lots of dogs and horses (although this time > 20 horses … it’s a whole side business!). I definitely miss not seeing dogs around in the office though
  • Without having to make any special requests, a pair of new Dell 24″ monitors were set up for me and is standard-issue
  • I found my Comic-Con attendee friend, but he works across the country in the Boston office

Here’s a breakdown of the technology-related changes/differences I’ve picked up on:

  • I thought I was definitely not a network guy, but certain network infrastructure choices I see being made at the new job suddenly make me care a lot, and realize how much knowledge I had soaked up via osmosis while at Sony
  • It may be a Production environment, but Production Development problems never change
  • People who don’t have to regularly activate Windows over the phone don’t know what they’re missing. And should never know it. Guess who just implemented their first project for improving processes in the workplace!
  • I’m already getting pulled into lots of cool projects that I just happen to know lots about, which makes it hard to manage my time because I’m excited about all of them
  • I’m glad I took the time when I could at Sony to be involved with pioneering the IPv6 path
  • I need to put together the Perfect Pitch for why the IT group needs to go out to conferences like TechEd or VMworld. Every day I’m using some skill or knowledge I picked up from there!
  • While I do believe that The Cloud is more than just a buzzword, don’t underestimate the value good old fashioned elbow grease


New Job

Yesterday was my last day working with Sony. There are many awesome people I’m leaving behind, but come Monday I’ll be working with a whole new set of awesome people.

A former coworker of mine has a theory that to be successful with IT, the organization needs to take small, calculated risk gambles. My own interpretation is that there is a relationship between risk and progress. No risk, no progress. Lots of risk means you’ll probably have enough backwards progress to cancel out any benefits. But there’s a sweet spot somewhere in there.

I’m taking my own calculated risk gamble by moving away from a juggernaut in the digital entertainment / video game industry and into a ninja strike force team for cloud services. I never would have thought I’d be moving away from a video game company, but here I am. I love gaming. But I also love IT. My heart and my head tell me that when the chips are on the table, I should let gaming be the hobby I pay for and IT be hobby someone pays me for. Staying at Sony would be the safe and easy choice, but I’m confident I have great things in store for me at LoadSpring Solutions.