PXE Boot: Windows vs Linux

At work, we’re currently stuck with an old version of SCCM (2007) and it just doesn’t cut the mustard any more for OS deployments. I’ve set up an interim MDT server because it’s easy and required no specific budget, but the hard part is getting it able to PXE boot without squashing the SCCM stuff already in place.

There’s a few guides out there like this one that are excellent, but a little out of date. They reference Syslinux 3, and we’re up to 6.x now. Below is all my notes that you need to get SCCM, MDT, and Linux all working with PXE boot options and all the latest version tools. No VLAN switching magic or DHCP option trickery required. You can mix and match components all you want. No MDT, no problem. No Linux deployment needs, no worries.