Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 Update 1 – Good News!

Super excited that the update with Windows 10 support finally came out!

My first panic attack over the Dev upgrade I just completed has come and gone.

Good news! The custom code out there to have each Task Sequence call and read a separate CustomSettings.ini file still works. So does the hack to show a list of human-friendly OU paths for domain joins. Just don’t do what I did and completely forget about those customizations – after you update your deployment share, all those tweaks you’ve done to the Scripts folder will have to be redone.

I had great success using NotePad++ and the Compare plugin to copy over the needed differences.



PowerShell + SSH

I dunno how this one slipped by me, but back in June Microsoft officially announced that running an SSH connection inside PowerShell will be an officially supported, real thing. How cool is that!? I mean, PuTTY and friends isn’t terrible, but I sure am looking forward to having a native, pre-installed alternative. Especially if it can run in WinPE.