The Convenience of Windows 7

It’s funny, the only thing I miss from Windows 7 is the “USB / DVD Download tool” that turns an ISO or DVD into a bootable USB drive.  I’m perfectly capable of running the diskpart commands to format a drive and then copy out all the ISO contents, but the Microsoft tool was pretty convenient.

Adding to my frustration is trying to search for “Windows 8 USB / DVD Download tool” to see if they’ve brought it forward to work on Windows 8.  Unfortunately the results are a million articles about how to upgrade your Windows 7 machine using the Win7 tool.

In related news, I was at a friend’s house the other day and someone commented that Windows 8 is horrible because A you have to log off to be able to shut down the computer, and B during the install you have to watch the tutorial of moving the mouse to corners of the screen.  It’s silly, considering that with one of the corners you can put the mouse into the option to shut down the computer without logging off first comes up. Everyone hates stuff that’s new apparently. Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be a commercial OS developer for that reason alone.

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