New Job

Yesterday was my last day working with Sony. There are many awesome people I’m leaving behind, but come Monday I’ll be working with a whole new set of awesome people.

A former coworker of mine has a theory that to be successful with IT, the organization needs to take small, calculated risk gambles. My own interpretation is that there is a relationship between risk and progress. No risk, no progress. Lots of risk means you’ll probably have enough backwards progress to cancel out any benefits. But there’s a sweet spot somewhere in there.

I’m taking my own calculated risk gamble by moving away from a juggernaut in the digital entertainment / video game industry and into a ninja strike force team for cloud services. I never would have thought I’d be moving away from a video game company, but here I am. I love gaming. But I also love IT. My heart and my head tell me that when the chips are on the table, I should let gaming be the hobby I pay for and IT be hobby someone pays me for. Staying at Sony would be the safe and easy choice, but I’m confident I have great things in store for me at LoadSpring Solutions.

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