TechEd 2012 Part 2 of 3

Well, I’ve gone over the MDT stuff from TechEd, but that was just one day. There were four other days for me to wander around and get into trouble! Here’s a quick summary, with deep-dives possible in future posts:

Edit: That was a giant wall of text! I’ve broken some things out into a Part 3 for a future post.

VDI vs. RDS – 22 Mistakes to Avoid

This panel was all about picking the right tool for the job on virtualizing desktop client experiences. The speaker, Greg Shields made some great point that have been on my mind but never knew how to properly phrase. The biggest one sounds kind of like a Seinfeld joke: “So what’s the deal with VDI? Is it just RDS or what?”. The answer is “pretty much”. It’s all about how much customization you want your users to have. VDI is Platform as a Service, RDS is Software as a Service. Both get the job done, but you probably want to rule out RDS as an option before jumping into VDI.

PowerShell Remoting

It’s all about WinRM these days. WinRM:Windows::SSH:Linux. By default, your remote session credentials can make one hop to other computers. “If your prompt has a computer name, you won’t be able to go deeper.” Look forward to better error messages in PowerShell v3. There was a bunch of other in-depth details, but in short I ended up enabling PowerShell remoting features at work last week for many of our client OSes.

Risks and Rewards of Consulting

I took this to learn a bit about what life would be like if I went off and did my own consulting instead of working for The Man. Lots of interesting notes and viewpoints to think about.

IPv6 Bootcamp

I was afraid of this panel just because there could have been other more important things to focus on, but I’m really glad I was there. Tons of great notes about the basics of IPv6 and specifics about how Microsoft approaches it. As companies transition from v4 to v6, the recommendation is to disable and avoid all Tunneling technologies unless you’ve built a specific solution to use them, because they will otherwise add unpredictable behavior. When implementing, plan it like any other IT project. Don’t use v4 design rules for v6 – it’s no longer about conservation but all about subnetting. But do use the same SLAs you have for v4 stuff.

A couple of great quotes from the host (Edward Horley):

  • What’s the purpose of NAT? Pissing me off.
  • What’s a firewall? It’s a broken router

Deploying Windows 8

I’m sure I’ll go over this more in a future post, so let’s just throw a bunch of teaser words out there: WinPE 4, offline BitLocker enablement, ImageX is deprecated, more PowerShell support, WAIK is now called ADK.

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