Putting my flag on the Moon

Now that I’m wrapping up my second month of work with the new company, I’m hitting that barrier where I’m no longer “the new guy”.

I’ve been a little frustrated at the kinds of work being assigned to me – I fought hard to make sure the roles and responsibilities I would have here were in line with a move up (with a salary to match), but frankly they’re paying me too much to just do basic server installs all day long. I’ve been thinking about why that is, and especially after hearing someone else say what I was thinking, I need to take a stand and really own my destiny. As the bright-eyed new guy I’ve had no qualms taking on “virt builds” but in doing so I’ve accidentally made a name for myself in that role.

So when I hit that barrier and I’m just “old news” I need to make sure my position is solid. My company is a good company. They’re good people and they need skills I can provide. They need virt builds too. But in the imaginary Venn diagram in my head I need to shrink the space where those two things overlap.

Also, I just have to say it. I hate when people call a VM guest a virt. It’s the most brogrammer thing I’ve ever heard.

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  1. Nebyoolae
    2913 days ago

    So many of my jobs end up being like this: I go in with excitement at the new things I’ll be doing, and then often get stuck doing the same stuff (and not the stuff I want to do) over and over, because that’s what’s needed. What’s fun for me is often not a priority, so it gets pushed to the wayside. Good luck on changing that!

    Also, as bad as “virt” is, I wager it’s not the most offensive brogramming thing someone has come up with.

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