The Wall of Shame

It’s weird talking about The Wall of Shame not in relation to something I’ve screwed up myself. Not that I screw up often – it’s just that I never thought I’d be the one maintaining said Wall.

At work I’ve been struggling to focus hard on certain projects and everyday work. In my last post I talked about standing up for myself and making a name for myself as someone other than the Virt Build guy. I’ve already seen great progress in this regard, but it’s only partially fixed the uphill battle I feel every time I set out to get work done.

I wasn’t sure why until today when I thought about how upset I was that certain Windows deployments weren’t being sysprepped and I was part of the problem. I’d sure put myself on the Wall of Shame for that, but only one other person at work seems to comprehend the problem with it – and unfortunately he’s not in a position to help solve it. So if I’m the only one who knows enough to be worried and do something about the situation, that means it’s up to me to declare it an offence belonging on the Wall.

I added a total of 14 things to the Wall (actually to the white board by my desk) but I already feel a little better about things just having enumerated the problems. These aren’t trivial – they’re objectively important infrastructure and security components that should be part of any strong IT foundation. They might not be part of my current projects or responsibilities but as I make time to chip away at them little by little, things will continue looking up.

Now I’m off to become a Deployment Wizard and cast Smite against the very building block that started my Wall of Shame.

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