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The sales people at Symantec never cease to amaze me.  They somehow convinced people at work that Altiris will solve every problem they have and replace all other tools we use.  I’m pretty flabbergasted!

Today I told someone that although a script could be made to add IE bookmarks to a base Windows 7 image, GPOs could do the same thing but using a couple mouse clicks instead of a customized solution.  I was told that the scripted solution would be preferred so that we could make better use of Altiris CMS tools. Despite arguing the benefits of keeping things simple, picking a non-custom solution, and using the best tool for the job, I’m instead stuck with calling a meeting for all of the operations group to “get everyone on the same page.”  Now, I want to make it clear that the person I was talking to didn’t do anything wrong – the problem is something different.  And for this post I’m choosing to blame Symantec for selling such a good cure-all that someone we’re all hoodwinked into using this one tool for everything.

Thankfully, I know that the collective smartitude of us all will overcome any single bout of shortsightedness (and let’s be honest, I’ve always got my share of moments like that)

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