Windows 8 Installation GUI makes me mad

Maybe this is trivial, but it really irks me:

As Windows 8 first loads a user profile, it gives a mini-tutorial on how to move the mouse into a corner to access your start menu or metro apps or whatnot.  It’s nice enough, except for one tiny thing – except for the very beginning of the animation, nowhere does it say “Tutorial” on it.  I started my first Win8 install, walked away, and happened to walk back when the animation is repeatedly saying “Move the mouse to any corner of the screen.” I thought that I had problems with my mouse or my USB drivers and did all kinds of keyboard button pushing and plugging/unplugging/replugging. When the tutorial finally went away I figured it just gave up.

So yeah…. all I’m asking for is some kind of text above or below the animation that indicates stuff is going on in the background and I just need to sit tight. Seems like a basic tenant for UX design to me!

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